A key part of my thinking came from my understanding of oral storytelling which I have been practicing for 20 years. In some story traditions there is the knowledge that the only way to release the heart and get under the surface of human emotion is to confuse the rational mind. For example a zen koan such as the classic ‘What is the sound of one hand clapping?’ is used by the meditator as a tool to reach deeper understanding or enlightenment. The side of the brain that reasons, categorizes, and orders things cannot deal with this koan because there is no rational answer. As the rational brain collapses a more intuitive, dream like state opens in which a deeper understanding of the workings of the universe is possible. Similarly for the Sufis whirling until you are dizzy, or for shamans exploring dreams and drug-induced trance states, or for African tribes chanting until you have lost your sense of self, are all examples of how ‘holy’ states of mind can be achieved through short circuiting the rational brain.

I felt that quantum physics had a similar ability to confuse the rational brain because the ideas it puts forward seem to confound all our innate understanding of how things work. So whilst the rational brain is occupied in the task of trying to figure out what it all means, I was hoping it would leave an opportunity for the love story to sneak in the back door and drop deeper in to the heart. I’m not sure that it actually works only you can tell me that.