Random Acts of Heroic Love is a novel with two intertwining threads. The first, set now, is the story of a man coming to terms with the loss of his girlfriend in a road accident in which he was present but about which he can remember nothing. The second is loosely based on the true story of my grandfather who fought for the Austro-Hungarian army in WWI and was captured by the Russians in 1915. He was sent to a POW camp in Siberia. Kept alive by his love for a girl he hardly knew, he escaped in 1917 and spent three years walking back home across Russia through deathly winters, through war and revolution until eventually he made it back to his village.

If you want to know whether he finds her and how these two threads come together then please buy the book.

Random Acts of Heroic Love has already been translated and is now available in:

  • French under the title “L’amour est une acte de heroisme ordinaire”
  • German, “Zahl nicht die Stunden bis zur Ewigkeit”
  • Italian under title “Piccoli gesti di amore eroico”
  • Spanish, “Pequenos Actos de amor heroico”
  • Dutch, “Gemiste Tijd”
  • Hebrew, “Reshimot al ahava”
  • Polish, “Unusual Acts of True Love” – or the Polish equivalent.
  • Portuguese, “Pequenos Gestos de Amor Eterno”
  • Brazilian Portuguese, “Atos Aleatorios de Amor Heroico”
  • Korean, “On the Road”
  • Indonesian, “The Memory of Love” or “Perjalanan Cinta Dua Zaman”
  • Czech, “Nahodne skutsky statecne lasky”
  • Norwegian, “Tilfeldige tegn pa heroisk kjaerlighet”
  • Vietnamese, “Tinh yeu chan chinh”
  • It has also been translated in to Serbian, Russian, Lithuanian, Chinese Mandarin and Taiwanese Mandarin
  • It is now available in USA and Canada
  • An unabridged BBC audiobook is available. I read the book myself and, oh my god, it was difficult – so many accents!
  • There is also an audiobook in German.


Tender and insightful


… a tour de force that, like many of the best novels, is based on real events and is extremely moving … The result is mesmerising.


Published in the UK by Transworld Publishers in the Doubleday (hardback) and Black Swan (paperback) imprints. Available at www.rBooks.co.uk, amazon.co.uk and all major online retailers and bookshops.