Stories are not only entertaining, they show your values in action and communicate your culture. They are a statement of who you are and why you do the things you do. Stories are the best way to educate people and share wisdom


“Your keynote was really wonderful and many participants came to us to express their appreciation and get your contacts. Certain participants had already other trainings on storytelling but still confirm that yours is the most impactful and vivid.”

Yuwei KAN Director, Editorial, Digital and Internal Communications | Air Liquide Group

Why Danny?

Bestselling novelist and award- winning screenwriter.

Genuine storytelling practitioner (toured over 30 countries)

Film maker.

Actor on stage (National Theatre) and screen.

21 years working with business.

Bespoke – I’ve never given exactly the same speech twice.

Multi-skilled and adaptable – keynotes, speeches, masterclasses, MC, one to one, teambuilding.

I’ve been working with businesses and organisations for over 20 years. But crucially I still work successfully in the creative industries. I’m a genuine story insider which means my perspective and understanding is very different from a business school graduate who has sat a module in the power of storytelling. My techniques are very practical and gleaned from writing or telling stories in front of audiences all over the world.

Stories are 14 times more memorable than data according to a Harvard study which means you will soon forget this piece of data. You are more likely to remember that a top Mossad agent was once asked to track me down or that I once woke up in a clinic in Ecuador with no memory of how I got there. In fact, I couldn’t remember anything from the previous year. These stories are true and now that I’ve hooked you there’s only one way to find out what actually happened next.


(Keynotes/Master of Ceremonies/ Public speaking/Stories over dinner)

It’s the biggest conference of the year, it’s costing a fortune and the top 200 are flying in. You’re under pressure from the CEO to make it great. It’s your event and your job is at stake. Ideally you’d like to have a speaker who has spent their whole life telling stories, who knows how to work a crowd - not a comedian or clown – but someone who has 20 years of experience working in business and can actually give this high-powered audience new insights in to how storytelling works as a leadership tool.

To discuss a variety of keynote topics;

“Thank you it went down really well - the information you shared and the stories you told were both fascinating and timely. I’ve no doubt that the knowledge you shared will help us develop our strategic narrative, as well as support our leaders in telling that story to their teams. I only wish we had more time with you.”

Cressida Dick, Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service, London

“Danny has been a very inspirational guide for me and my team. He helped us to deliver messages with more clarity. His advice was always spot on. But more importantly, Danny is one of those people you want to work with. My teams have been guided and not told what to do, they have been inspired and not been put under stress.”

Regis Magnac VP Head of Oil&Gas and Leasing markets at Airbus Helicopters

Storytelling and Presentation Masterclasses

(Virtual or live)

Your team is full of innovative and creative scientists and engineers but no one else in the business understands them. Put them on a stage and they spit data and graphs. Put them in front of a customer and they don’t know how to tell stories of the amazing things they do. You want to organize a workshop to train them.

Teambuilding and Storytelling Workshops

You’re in a process of change, you’ve got a new team of managers. Not only do you have to build a shared narrative and become powerful communicators, but you also have to create good energy and build the team. You’d love to find fun, innovative ways to bring them together but also get them sharing stories and building skills. Is there someone out there who can do all those things?

“Danny’s work has had a material impact on my speeches, presentations and even interactions with people. I learnt how to emotionally connect to audiences and keep their attention, and how to deliver clear and simple messages in ways that are striking and memorable. A few years down the road, I still get people referring to stories I told during events. Danny has not simply been a coach for me - but rather a transformer.”

Alexis Vidal. Head of Service Sales. Airbus

“Working with Danny has proved to be a very enlightening experience, as I left my secure harbour to explore new dimensions of my “self”: posture, tone, breath, gestures, story-telling, structure, logic. During this journey Danny helped me thanks to his enthusiasm and professional knowledge. Highly recommended.”

Santo Borsellino,  Chairman of the Board, Generali Insurance Asset Management

One to One

(Virtual or live)

“It’s 3pm you’re at a conference. The audience have sat through 6 hours of deathly powerpoint. Half of them are jetlagged and drifting off and the other half have eaten too much in the hotel buffet at lunch and need the loo. And now it’s your turn to speak. You’re a senior leader; your message is vital. You want to engage, motivate and excite them with your ideas and entertain them on the way. But how are you going to win them over?”

I will teach you how to communicate using stories, how to build a great presentation and how to deliver it so that people listen and remember your message.

When do you need stories

Introducing yourself to a new team or client in a personal, engaging way.

Selling products/services/innovations internally and externally

Motivating a team

Sharing your vision of the future

Delivering performance reviews

Each situation demands a different kind of story.

“Not only did Danny manage to keep our audience captivated throughout the whole day thanks to his humour, wit and great storytelling skills, he also played a crucial role in helping us shape and organise our event.”

Bruno Seguin, Communications Manager Vinci Energies UK