FEAST Theatre Festival, Malvern

September 24 – 26th 2021

I had a lovely weekend at the wonderful FEAST theatre festival in Malvern where I was able to share the stage with 7 other acts on Friday at a scratch event called Friday Night Bites for artists to try new work. When I originally wrote Random Acts of Heroic Love my intention was that it should be a stage play but it soon grew in to a novel. I was recently asked if I might revisit the idea of turning it in to a stage play so I used the opportunity to present a short 20 minute piece of storytelling based around the book. I hugely value open spaces like this to try new work and get audience feedback. It’s hard to describe what a joy it was to get back on stage and perform to a live audience again after Covid. I loved it. I also had the opportunity to perform The Very Top Story which is a selection of some of my favourite traditional stories for families. I got to work with the fabulous local musician Craig Trafford who I’d never met until the day before. Two hours of rehearsal was it all it took before he was fully integrated in to the piece and it felt as if we’d been performing together for years.

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